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Dear Ken,

I am the Operations Manager of Triad Metals International in Pittsburgh, PA and one of my main duties in this position is ensuring the safety of my workforce .We are a steel service center that handles approximately 18,000 tons of structural steel a month. The majority of our material comes in and goes out on tractor-trailers and that means my men are up and down off of those trucks all day long, the warehouse runs five days a week 24 hours a day. Our primary way up and down off of those trucks at the time was by way of a four-foot folding step ladder. My biggest concern with the step ladders was with my guys falling off of them or them tipping over while they were coming down it and sure enough we have had several falls because of this but it was the only option we had at the time and it was safer than them climbing up the back of the trailer and jumping back off.

One day this summer I was at the Washington County Fair and came across your truck step that was designed for the tailgate of a large dump truck and I thought to myself, this is exactly the type of step my company could use to insure my men are safely going up and down of trailers without the worry of it tipping over or them falling off. I stopped to speak with Doug to see if you had a version designed to fit on a flat bed trailer and he had several different mounting brackets for different applications that suited our purpose. The following Monday the entire management team of Tailgate Master Truck Steps came to Triad Metals with the DT3S truck step in hand to demonstrate the ease and safety of using them on the type of flat bed trailers that come in and out of our facility on a daily basis. The men loading and unloading the trucks were amazed at how easy it was to get up and down off of the trailers quickly and safely knowing that the step was not going to move on them and it also gave them a handle to hold on to assure they were balanced coming down or going up the step. The DT3S has made life safer and easier at Triad Metals. We have also picked up production time as well. I can also proudly say we have not had a single fall since using the DT3S step as opposed to when we were using the four-foot step ladder.

I ordered 20 DT3S truck steps for our company after seeing the demonstration of them. We have one located at every loading and unloading point in our three facilities. We also equipped each one of our own tractor trailers with one to ensure our drivers safety when delivering to our customers and picking up at other mills. I highly recommend that the DT3S truck step is the safest and easiest way for anyone to get on and off of any type of truck or trailer whether it is for industrial use or personal use. Accidents happen in a blink of an eye and the DT3S truck step is a piece of safety equipment that we cannot do without now at Triad Metals International.


Mike Benlock

Manager of Operations

Triad Metals International

We find that tailgate master truck steps not only improve safety, but also improve ease of operation. Thanks Tailgate master.

Melissa Conrad

Can and Bottle Return

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